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Uniformed Officers


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Recruiting Great People

We know this function is perhaps the most important of any good security program. It must be structured to deliver with consistency and measured to ensure it is achieving the desired results. Keeping wage rates at an attractive level, while providing paid training and career growth opportunities helps SecurSolution, Inc. attract and retain highly motivated and dedicated employees.


A Great Employee is a Credit to our Company and our Clients

At SecurSolution Inc. we have access to the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Licensing and can view licensed officers and their individual standing with the state. We recruit qualified security training school and college graduates, retired law enforcement and military veterans. The individuals from these sources are well trained and have made a personal commitment to the private security field and the protection of others.


SSI Strives to Attract and Retain the Best of the Best

Our Officer turnover is one of the lowest in the security industry. We pay our personnel more than most security companies while providing more training and career opportunities. We demand more from our officers, and strive to keep them motivated, growing as an officer, person and individual.


A Professional, Well Groomed Officer Sends a Message

We want our Officers to look great, feel confident and represent our Clients Brand. We provide professional looking uniforms and the tools that our Officers need to deliver exceptional service. We provide trained Officers in the appropriate attire you need.


Available Security Officers

Secur Solution Inc. brings over two decades of Hr, officers' selection and training. Our select officers go through rigorous screening and training prior to working at our Clients' sites. Our stringed hiring procedures ensure professional and quality service for our clients, their staff, guests, vendors and tenants. Contact us today at 1.833.USGUARD to schedule a brief meeting to discuss your current security needs.

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