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High Rise


Protecting Your Employees and Guests

High rises pose certain challenges for security due to their height, the numerous access points, and the plethora of places to hide. Proper security requires a security guard presence to monitor activity in and out of the building. Vandalism is a threat as well. If your high rise building is an office building, there are many people who come and go every day, many of whom could be criminals. For the best security guard services for your Los Angeles high rise building, call SecurSolutions today.

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Benefits of High Rise Building Security

  • Controls access to the building

  • Controls access to the elevator

  • Prevents criminal activity

  • Prevents vandalism

  • Alerts to environmental hazards, such as water leaks are instantaneous

  • Portrays professional image

  • Makes your building for attractive for tenants

  • And more.

High Rise Security Benefits

High Risers, whether commercial or residential, are prone to several security risks like crime, vandalism, and disturbances and liabilities arising from other hazards such as water leaks, fires, power outages, and business espionage.

An on-site officer(s) and presence is crucial to control the access to your facility by trespassers and individuals with criminal intentions. In addition to guiding visitors and guests and providing a professional image and quality customer service; the officers’ onsite presence especially after hours could limit losses arising from potential fires and water leaks and the liabilities borne with such events.

As the officers constantly monitor, patrol and secure the premises; they immediately handle and report all hazards. At SecurSolution, Inc., our Operations team will always work with your Management on every security detail to ensure the protection of lives and property and to deliver a quality service.

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