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We know warehouses and distribution centers are frequent targets of burglary, theft and pilferage as these facilities contain new merchandise in its original packaging. This is something that is highly desirable to both professional and amateur thieves. With the continual traffic coming and going along with the movement and storage of high-value goods, visibility and a strong security presence are key to protecting your profits.




Truck drivers and other types of delivery service drivers can pose a warehouse security risk. When weak or complacent security processes are in place, drivers are often allowed to wander freely by the trailers being loaded or unloaded and can use this opportunity to negatively impact your profits.


Sometimes, dishonest warehouse employees can work in conjunction with dishonest truck drivers to steal from a company. This is a particularly dangerous combination. The warehouse employee has knowledge of what’s coming and going, and can plant stolen merchandise in outgoing shipments. Additionally, paperwork can be modified to cover up while the truck driver has the means to remove the merchandise from the warehouse. Collusion between warehouse employees and truck drivers is a big problem in some industries and is responsible for millions of dollars in losses each year.

Studies have shown that four key elements are essential for reducing supply chain risk.

  1.  Visibility: having the ability to monitor supply-chain events and patterns as they happen, allowing companies to proactively and preemptively address problems.

  2. Flexibility: being able to adapt to problems quickly, without significantly increasing operational cost, and to make rapid adjustments that limit the impact of loss and operational disruptions.

  3. Collaboration: having a trust-based relationship which allows the solution provider to work closely with supply-chain partners to identify risks or disruptions to your business.

  4. Control: having policies, monitoring capabilities and control mechanisms in place that help ensure that procedures and processes are consistently followed. 

Top 10 U.S. Counties for Cargo Theft Incidents- Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside make the list!

Due to the layout of distribution centers, the high amount of traffic both inside and out, and the constant flow of people, merchandise and machinery, it is vital for the facilities management to choose the right security solution provider to mitigate loss, risk and potential Brand damage.

SecurSolution Inc. understands that providing the best security solution for a distribution center environment requires a solution specific to the company’s unique facility. Our team of C-TPAT trained supply chain security specialist will come in and do an assessment of your facility at no charge.

$600,000-Worth of Wine Stolen in Two-Day Warehouse Heist

Our complimentary Warehouse Security Review includes an assessment of:

  • access points & control

  • employee, visitor and delivery traffic

  • perimeter security & controls

  • CCTV coverage

  • interior and exterior storage

  • delivery ingress/egress and processing procedures

  • trailer chalking for safety

  • trailer seal verification and documentation

  • dock set up and security procedures

  • employee awareness