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Private Security to Keep Your Guests Safe

Guests have options when it comes to the hotel that they stay at in Los Angeles. Guests select hotels with comfortable accommodations and that promote safety. If your guests believe that your hotel is not safe or they read a negative review concerning safety issues such as car break-ins, burglaries or theft; your business and brand will gradually lose business. SecurSolution is a leading hotel security guard service company in Los Angeles County that can help you protect your hotel’s reputation. Partner with Secursolution security guard and mobile patrol services, and keep your guests safe! Call us at (833) USGUARD.


Partial Roles of Security officers:

  • Monitor entries and exits

  • Direct guests

  • Patrol parking areas, floors, main entrance and exits

  • Respond to fire control panel alerts

  • Evacuate guests during emergencies

  • Promote safety and quality customer services

  • Challenge and prevent access to unauthorized personnel

  • Document activities accurately - Daily activity reports, incident reports and maintenance reports

  • And more

Every brand thrives to gain the loyalty of their current guests and as well gain a new market share through quality services, value pricing, and through providing a safe and enjoyable stay to their guests.

With over 17 brands of hotels under our management and two decades securing many of the local and national hotels in Southern California; Secursolution Inc., a leading hotel security company in Los Angeles County and Orange County and will bring true value to your hotel brand and hotel security operation.

As a leading  hotel security company in Los Angeles County, we provide comprehensive and ongoing training to our officers on every aspect of your security detail starting from the traditional security duties to the most complex ones. Your liability as a hotel brand does not end by selecting a security vendor. In fact, your exposure to risk and liability will increase as your current or new vendor may lack the needed experience in managing and overseeing your security program. Call Secursolution at (833) USGUARD to discuss your Hotel Security needs and budget.

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