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Your Preferred Security Service


We Keep You and Your Assets Safe

SecurSolution, Inc has built a reputation for providing unmatched security services because of the professionalism of our team; commitment to quality customer service and our ability to execute on every assignment – every time.

Our goal is to protect your employees and your physical assets as well as present a professional image that represents the reputation your business has established.



  • Paperless reporting

  • Accurate reporting

  • Information routing and storing

  • Time saver & easy to use

  • Access and search reports from anywhere and anytime

  • Single reporting tools in measuring performance

  • Ability to create sophisticated management reports instantly

  • Ability to modify and submit post orders

  • Accuracy and reliability

  • Cost efficient

QR Location Tracker / Guard Tour Reporting System

  • Track points have an exclusive ID to avoid tampering

  • Each scan generates time and location by GPS

  • Account Managers can submit live instructions to the officer via web portal


  Parking Violations

  • Complete vehicle and infraction information collection

  • Pictures of violation taken as proof of infraction

  • Infraction is recorded in DAR and is emailed to Property Manager and stored to the system

Maintenance Report


Officers are able to create maintenance orders by taking photos of maintenance needs if applicable - such as pipe leaks, slippery floors, broken light bulbs, broken door knobs, broken signs, malfunctioning sprinklers - and by emailing these reports directly to Maintenance & Management to efficiently address and follow-up on any maintenance issues,




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