SSI has the patrol solution to support your security patrol needs. Regardless of the size or layout of the property our team of vehicle, bike, golf cart and segway patrol officers can support your security program. In order to qualify, our officers receive CPR/First aid training, have prior security, law enforcement or military experience, are licensed by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division and have all appropriate permits. Our patrol officers have their DMV report evaluated quarterly and receive additional training.


SSI uses several different types of vehicles depending on our operations and clients needs. All vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, jumper cables, communication, spotlights, and various other safety equipment items needed to meet our client’s needs.

SSI provides layered protection with the use of a 24 hour dispatcher, mobile patrol units, Supervisors and 24/7 access to our Senior Operations Management. Our various levels of supervision ensure that each officer has the support that he/she needs, and that our clients receive the quality and affordable services they deserve.

Service and Options

We do more than just Patrol!

  • Checking exterior doors, windows, fence lines, gates

  • Checking for vagrants or trespassers, and removing them from the property

  • Checking on employees working afterhours

  • Providing a deterrence for criminal activity

  • Providing vehicle compliance checks with ticketing and towing

  • Conducting lock and unlock services

  • Providing foot patrols in conjunction with vehicle patrols

  • Checking for safety hazards

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